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Control System Design

Design Services

Templetronics is pleased to offer the following control systems design services to aid your project:

Target applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Oil & gas
  • Robotics
  • Space

  • Algorithm design and implementation
  • Analogue to digital transformation
  • Control laws and common responses (inc. Dead-Beat, Least-Mean-Squares, Bang Bang)
  • Control systems design, prototyping and implementation
  • Design with classical control methods/frequency response techniques
  • Digital control systems
  • Digital implementation effects and trade-offs
  • Model based design
  • Motor control systems (brushed and brush-less DC systems)
  • LTI & nonlinear systems
  • Performance analysis
  • Plant modelling and analysis, transfer function derivation/dynamic systems modelling
  • Robust systems design
  • Sensor analysis & selection
  • Servo design
  • Stability analysis
  • System modelling and simulation
  • System architecture, control law selection and implementation

We can also offer advanced control features such as:

  • Observer design
  • Self-tuning & adaptive systems
  • State space design & multivariable design
Control Systems Response

Templetronics offers a full control system design service ranging from control strategy design and development, to implementation in digital controllers which are now commonplace due to the elimination of analogue controller variations and the economics of electronics, and ease of implementation of complex control algorithms. Our experience is such we can design the high level control law strategy and also implement it in the controller electronics.

We will take a system right from concept to implementation; modelling with proprietory tools; performing stability analysis and performance/tolerance analysis. We can also perform dynamic modelling and transfer function derivation/plant identification for the system.

Succesful control requires and accurate system model to provide a robust control strategy. To do this we look at all aspects of the system, from the controller elements right the way through to the plant and feedback paths. In this way we can offer a robust system that provides effective control over itís operational life, achieving performance and minimising costs.

From linear analogue control to digital observers, we have vast experience in the development of control systems. Our actuation and servo system experience includes brushed and brushless PM DC machines, sensor and sensor-less control elements, linear PI controllers and flux vector/field oriented control algorithms.

We also understand and have experience with industrial control systems and plant such as SCADA, PLCs (Alstom, Siemens), VVVF drives, process control and automation, and a host of complex electromechanical/electro-hydraulic/electro-pneumatic plant equipment.

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See our Control Systems Projects page for more details of control systems we have worked on.

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